Grandfather, Living Illegally In The U.S. Molests Granddaughter In Her Home, Released After Local Authorities Ignore ICE’s Detainer

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have slammed Montgomery County officials. Why, do you ask? For doing something, they shouldn’t have done in the first place.

The victim was molested multiple times

Luis Fredy Hernandez- Morales is a Guatemalan national living in Springfield, Virginia, illegally. The 48-year-old is accused of inappropriately touching a girl to whom he is related. He allegedly molested the young girl in July when he was living at her home in Montgomery County.

The girl was his 11-year old granddaughter, who was molested on multiple occasions by him. There was one instance when the girl woke up to her grandfather kissing her with his pants off. Weeks later, the victim claims he kissed her again and asked if she wanted to see his genitals. He had also tried to show her ‘kissing videos’; however, she refused to watch any of them. He had asked her not to tell her mother or grandmother what he had done.’

Since he is active in the youth ministry at a local church, police speculate that there may be other victims as well. He works at the Iglesia de Dios en Cristo Jesus (Church of God in Jesus Christ), along Diamond Avenue in Gaithersburg. He is married and owns a cleaning company.

Local authorities defy the ICE’s detainer

The ICE had lodged a detainer with the county earlier in the week, on Tuesday. A detainer instructs local law enforcement to hold up a potentially deportable suspect. The suspect would be held up to two business days beyond the usual release time. The ICE said that the county officials failed to honour the detainer. And, Hernandez- Morales was released on bond the very next day. He was taken into custody on Friday in Northern Virginia. He was issued a $20,000 (post ten % bond) on Wednesday by District Court Judge Marina Sabett. The Guatemala national managed to obtain the $2000 within hours.

On the same day, the ICE received a call from the jail staff about the man’s imminent release at around 6 pm. Another call fifteen minutes later said he was already gone as the ICE scrambled to send personnel to the jail.

There has been mounting tension between the ICE and left-leaning Montgomery County of 1.1 million residents. This would explain the local authorities overriding the detainer issued by the ICE.