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Brutal Man Slit His Baby Girl’s Throat To Halves, While HANGED Himself In The New York City Double Murder Suicide

Authorities in New York City are investigating a grisly double murder-suicide. In which they say a man has guillotined his ladylove, slit the throat of their five-year-old daughter, and then took his own life by hanging on Wednesday night, just hours after the woman tried to get an order of protection.

How did the police receive the information?

According to the source, at 9:18 p.m., officers conceded to a 911 call. He is calling for a welfare check inside the apartment on 151 West 121st Street in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. The 46-year-old man identified as Yonathan Tedla committed this sickening act. He was responsible for this gruesome murder that killed himself, as well as his 42-year-old wife, Jennifer Schlecht, and Abaynesh Schlecht Tedla, their five-year-old daughter.

According to a police press release, Tedla was found in a bedroom, his mother in the shower, and their father in another bedroom. Both mother and sister had trauma to the neck.

Schlecht had been found decapitated with her severe head resting in her lap, citing unnamed sources. Her daughter had a cut to her neck so deep that she was partly decapitated. The father of the five-year-old was found hanging from a rope tied to the door of a home. Police confiscated a knife from the scene, suspected to be the assassination weapon. Tedla and Schlecht officially entered divorce proceedings and were due in court just hours before the gruesome killings.

Review by Victim’s father.

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The victim’s 74-year-old father, Kenneth Schlecht, claimed that after being assaulted by Yonathan, his daughter was trying to get a protective order. He also added that their relationship had problems with his daughter and son-in-law. His daughter wanted his odd actions to file a divorce against the father. On the other side, when she gave him a divorce document, the husband reportedly compelled to kill him.

Report by police.

The police have revealed that it was Schlecht’s brother. Who asked about the well-being of his wife after she failed to receive a call from her husband. The police are not sure of the exact time of double-murder and suicide. Jennifer Schlecht has been actively involved in humanitarian work concentrating on women’s security and continuously raising knowledge of the problems women face all around. She dedicated her life to ensuring protection related to women and girls.


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