Brad Pitt Is Apparently Petrified Because Angelina Jolie Might Leaked Their X-Rated Videos From The Time They Were Married

Maleficent: The Mistress Of Evil Just Might Be Angelina Jolie’s Alter-Ego

Recently, news came up that Brad Pitt and Jolie filmed X-rated videos while they were married. It’s nothing shocking apart from the fact that couples like to do weird things amongst the safety of their four walls. However, up until late, there have been musings that Angelina Jolie might release those tapes to tarnish Pitt’s image. Nevertheless, no one is sure whether it’s true or a hoax; hence, it seems pretty illogical. However, their divorce didn’t end well, and it was rather uncooperative and cynical.

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s “Wild” Parties Were Straight Out Of An Erotic Adventure

According to sources, the couple had wild parties where everybody went bonkers, and things got kinky. Nothing in those parties were off-limits. With props like whips, leather, chains, hot-wax, gags, etc., the parties were straight out of a romantic erotic movie. Just parties couldn’t bind the couple. According to sources, they wild love-making sessions in the cockpit of Jolie’s private jet after having turned on the auto-pilot mode. Jolie was willing to try anything, and everything and Brad went along with it. He claims to have lost these tapes and is confident Jolie possesses them.

And it doesn’t just stop at that. The couple has plenty of dirty secrets. One of them being, Jolie has a diary where she noted down Brad’s dirty secrets. But of course, no such journal has been published yet.

Jolie May Or May Not Have Evil Intentions For Pitt But She Would Never Risk Hurting Or Harming Her Children

No one knows whether it’s true or not about Jolie possessing the videos. And even if she does, she isn’t stupid enough to release them since she will not only be tarnishing Brad Pitt’s image but also her vision. Besides, they’re both guardians to six kids, and Jolie wouldn’t do anything to harm them. In her last interview, she had said how much her children meant to her and how they were mostly the reason why she could gather herself after the split.