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After Having ‘No Strings Attached Relationship’ 65-Year-Old Lady Finally Found Her Soul-Mate In A 90-Year-Old Man, While Throws Each other A Fancy Wedding

Here is a love story, very different from the present-day stories. A 65-year-old lady married a man 25 years senior to her.

Many people might make faces listening to this news, but the lady who loved her man unconditionally tolerated the awkward looks, rude remarks, and judgments very bravely.
It was her third marriage and also for her present husband, who was almost 90 and widowed. As she needed more social life, she started hanging out with him and felt a lot better. He used to take her out to fancy LA restaurants, had his handyman fix everything for her, brought his gardener to tend her backyard, etc.

How the love-story started:

Once, she slipped and broke her wrist, after which he insisted she move in with him so that she would feel less lonely and more cared for. Provided, no strings attached, and with her bedroom and bathroom. However, She even had to tolerate when one of her neighbors told that she was seeing someone with one foot in the grave. She felt uncomfortable as she didn’t have any romantic feelings for him, and neither did he. She describes that he has more energy as compared to her, and he was able to make her more alive.

Things became a little more intimate:

After about three months, he asked her to re-design her kitchen, which she did for him, and felt that he wanted someone to supervise his life so he wouldn’t have to. Days passed, and she had healed her wrist and had an option of going back to her own house but was unwilling as she had all the comforts and care and, most importantly, a friend that she needed. After some months, he proposed to her, which she refused because she was afraid of being called a gold-digger.

Finally, they got married!

At one point, she realized that he had become the center of her life, the main person, the only family, which was reason enough for marriage. She rented her previous house and moved-in to his bedroom permanently. Even at the age of 90, they were having a lot of good sex! She got the love of her life, she took good care of him, and she lived happily, which most of the people in our generation will consider as a burden. May their love story live on, regardless of what people think or comment on.

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