A New Dispute Boils Down Between Jim Edmonds And His Wife, Jim Calls Cops Saying That She is Incapable Of Taking Care Of Children

Jim Edmonds has currently raised questions upon the status of his marriage after she just had a night out. Megan Edmonds declared that they had to split to Jim’s indulgence with their nanny. The dispute occurred when Jim was caught sending the pictures of his dick to this nanny. Jim also questioned their relations after his wife just had a night out.

A Blazing Marriage Dispute

Jim and Megan both tried to bring an end to their dispute earlier, but nothing could be arrived at. They also decided to attend counseling sessions for their broken marriage. Unfortunately, Jim was not ready to take anything seriously and just took it all as a joke. All this only contributed to deteriorating their relations, and Megan was suddenly triggered. Later Jim applied for a divorce.

Both of them decided to make this little family affair into a blazing topic for gossip. They took to social media. Jim decided to turn the heat down when he took a peaceful step on social media. He said that he loved his wife and intended to make things quiet.

Megan Decided to Take the Night Off

Megan had decided to visit some friends last night and enjoy and hang out with them while Jim was to take care of the children. The media was suspecting that after Jim’s statement about his wife last week, things would surely go smooth. But something opposite just burst open. Jim had called a police officer to the house after Megan had left. He complained that his wife was incapable of taking care of their children and that she was mentally unfit for the same.

Liar Liar

Megan got furious at this and said that she was, of course, capable of taking care of their three children. This all left a new dispute blazing among them. Now Megan’s lying husband says he had called the cop merely for help and not for complaining about Megan.