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Viral Video: Sister At Her Own Wedding Uses Tossing Traditional Bouquet Technique To Help Her Brother To Propose To His Better Half 

A brother-sister relationship is the most beautiful relationship on the entire Earth. And here also we see an exquisite gesture of this relationship. When most brides on their wedding day want to be the center of attraction, this bride helped her brother to propose his girlfriend. She gave her bouquet to his girlfriend while he got down on his knees to recommend her. This unselfish gesture of the sister makes her even more adorable.

The Sweet Moment Of Love

Sister Sierra Mcginty Rush was planning for this day for months with her brother Solomon Mcginty II. This pair is from Navasota, Texas. This sweet moment of love was captured by their cousin De’Von Jones on camera. The footage captured how the bride presented her flowers to her brother’s girlfriend and was not selfish to share the spotlight. Baylee Gilmore was more happy than shocked when she received the bouquet. The traditional ritual is of throwing the bouquet, but here the bride presented it.

The brother went down on one knee to propose his girlfriend. The whole audience was delighted to see this gesture. This video was shared online, and in the video, the bride was seen getting all prepared to throw her bouquet. But it was at the last moment that she changed her mind and instead of throwing her, the bouquet walked to a group of women who were standing behind her.

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She then presented her bouquet to Baylee, who was taken aback by surprise. She was wearing a glittery knee-length dress and was quite confused as to what is going to happen. Baylee glanced at the entire crowd, searching for her boyfriend. Her search ended when she found him kneeling in front of her, and the guest started to cheer.

Taken By Surprise

Seeing this gesture, the young woman could not believe her eyes. Her boyfriend took her hand and proposed to her. The chants and cheers of the wedding guests drowned his voice, but he still managed to convey his sweet message. Baylee accepted his proposal and gave him her left hand. The crowd hooted and swooned. The couple then hugged and embraced each other and also shared a sweet kiss.

Baylee’s friends rushed in to congratulate her while she was still blushing in nervousness. Cousin Jones revealed that it was the sister who gave this idea of a grand proposal. Solomon did not approve of this plan at first and was quite hesitant. However, they did manage to get on with the program and finally achieved success.

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