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Viral Video Of Beluga Whale Playing Fetch Brings Joy, But Also Addresses The Harsh Reality Of Climate Change

In a time when everything looks dreary and gloomy, a viral video of a whale seems to give hope. But at the same time, it also reminds us how deep of a grave we are digging for ourselves.

Video featuring whale goes viral

The video shows a Beluga whale playing fetch with a man on a boat. The first time he throws the football, it seems a little slow to go after it. But the second time, it is all but exciting to fetch the ball, squealing with joy.


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The video has garnered over 473K likes on twitter. The user who posted the video, @_SJPeace_ is a civil rights activist, according to his bio. He is a Pakistani- American who is based in Detroit. After sharing the video, he added the most important message that the video conveys.

“90% of plastic ever produced isn’t recycled, and it takes a thousand years to decompose.- Contaminating our Waters and choking these beautiful creatures. We need to (find) and eco- friendly alternative to plastic.”

Tweeple responded with adoration for the whale while also acknowledging the need for change.

Sociable whales that squeal!

The Beluga whale forms one half of the Monodontidae family and is an Arctic and sub- Arctic cetacean. Their skin is white, having adapted to its habitat in the Arctic. The status of the species is “Near Threatened,” with a population of over 150,000 whales.

They are said to be extremely friendly mammals. They live, hunt, and migrate in pods. Their foreheads, bulbous in shape, is called a “melon.” It is flexible and can change its way.

Mother nature is truly amazing!

But we humans are spoiling her creations. The Beluga whales depend on sea ice for their existence. With the rising temperatures, reports of melting ice caps are all but alarming. These whales are directly impacted by climate change. And we are not taking any initiative to change the way things are.

The President of one of the most powerful countries in the world thinks climate change is fake. It is time to take a stand. Or both humanity and everything that nature has created are at stake.

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