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Following The Stockholm Scandal, A$AP Rocky Returns To Sweden To Perform A Show Scheduled In December

A$AP Rocky was in the news a few months back for all the wrong reasons. Rakim Mayers, Rocky’s real name, will be laying a gig at the same place where he arrested.

What happened in Stockholm?

On July 3, 2019, Rocky was arrested following an ugly road fight that took place on June 30.

Mustafa Jaffari, another person, and three of Mayers’ escort and Mayers himself were involved in the fight. Jafari was severely injured- he was cut with broken bottles and beaten and suffered a fractured rib.

Mayers uploaded videos of the incident to his Instagram account. One of them shows Mayers and his entourage, asking the two men to stop tailing them. At the same time, the latter is seen complaining about his earphones. Then it is all a perfect scene of chaos as all hell breaks loose.

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The rapper was arrested on doubt of assault in Stockholm. He was given a suspended sentence following the conviction and had to pay a fine. However, he wasn’t given a prison sentence since the assault was not severe. The court said in a statement that the defendants are therefore sentenced to “conditional sentences.”

The rapper has been involved in numerous legal incidents over the years when he as been in the spotlight. He had been arrested for taking part in brawls, dealing drugs, scuffles, and fistfights. The list is never-ending,

But as they say, any publicity is good publicity! Would explain why he is still popular, as has been proven in Sweden now.

Following the rapper’s arrest, President Donald Trump tweeted, “Give A$AP Rocky his FREEDOM.” He went on to add how the US had helped Sweden but that the favor hasn’t been returned, with a #FreeRocky.

Rapper returns due to massive support

An online appeal by the rapper’s fans gained traction, with 640,000 marks. He was released later.
An entertainment organization announced his December show, scheduled to be held on the 11th. The statement said that following his Sweden fans’ support, Rocky would be returning to Stockholm for a “foreseen concert.”

Tickets will be up for sale from the 12th of November. However, the rapper has decided to donate part of the proceeds to FARR, a local charity in Sweden. FARR works with asylum seekers, refugees, and stateless people.

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