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Ellen DeGeneres Scandalously Kissing On Screen To Jennifer Aniston Might Be The Reason Ellen’s Girlfriend Splitting From Her

“I Kissed A Girl, and I Liked It,” these lyrics seem to be true for both Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres. They both kissed Ellen’s Talk Show. These pleasantries shared are causing some problems between Ellen and her real-life girlfriend, Portia de Rossi.

A Little Backdrop

Jennifer Aniston came up with the topic of a kiss on her episode in the talk show. She asked Ellen about her kiss with Howard Stern. Howard is the star of the radio, and this kiss happened on October 14. This kiss was a cover-up for the rumors that Howard was hanging out with President George W. Bush at the football game of Dallas Cowboys. This not so passionate kiss; however, miraculously drew attention towards themselves, making the audience forget about the original matter.

Jennifer being Jennifer, was curious about this on-screen lip lock and was asking Ellen several questions. Ellen is married for 11 years to her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi. Jennifer asked questions such as, “What was the kiss like? Did you like it? Were you nervous? Did you seriously get into it?’

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Ellen responds to these jokes by saying, “why are you so interested in this? Will this incident turn you on?” Aniston replies to this by saying that it might turn me on but not when there are so many people around. This Friends superstar then asked Ellen, “When was the last time you ever kissed a guy?” the response of Ellen shocked the entire audience. She said, “I kiss guys all the time. I kiss them just like that. It does not mean anything to me. I do not make out with them.”

The Steamy Moment

With this response, Ellen adds, “When was the last time you ever kissed a girl?” Jennifer paused for a moment, thinking it through. She says that she never kisses girls on the lips. Seeing the opportunity, ellen leans in to kiss Aniston. Jennifer also takes this sportingly and prepares her hair and gets ready for the friendly exchange.

The audience goes wild, and they cheer the couple’s steamy exchange. Ellen responds to their hooting by saying that this is what the crowd wanted for years. After the kiss, Jennifer replies by saying that it was the last time she ever kissed a girl. This friendly exchange, however, was a big issue for Ellen’s wife, Portia. As per sources, this might add a big controversy to their marriage, and Portia might even think of leaving Ellen. Whether there is any truth to Portia’s situation is not known yet. However, we at this moment can say that Ellen is having a pretty good time with all her “gal-pals.”

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