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Desperate Girl Tried To Commit Suicide But Died While Trying To Change Her Mind

A depressed teenager of 16 years tried to commit suicide on the railway tracks. This schoolgirl was frustrating about the General Certificate of Secondary Education. She was also sad about the way she looks. She went on to the railway tracks but then changed her mind. Unfortunately, it was too late. While she was trying to climb back at the platform, she died.

The Unfortunate Accident

The depressed girl was identified as Kate Mullins. She was of 16 years. She was seen sitting at the station for about five minutes before she went down to the train tracks. This is the situation of Pokesdown, Bournemouth. Standing on the trails, she saw a train coming towards her at full speed. Seeing this, she changed her mind and tried her best possible way to get out of there.

Unfortunately, it was too late for her. She was not able to get out of the track. She then started to run away from the train. The driver also spotted her and immediately applied emergency brakes. But the train, as we know, takes some time to stop approached her and she was hit. She died on the spot.

The State Of Depression

Kate’s mom Donna claims that her daughter had confessed that she was going to jump in front of a train. She was so mentally unstable that she wanted to take her own life. Donna further says that previously, she had no means to do it; hence was unable.

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Kate did not like her appearance. Her mother says that she had misplaced quite a lot of weight, which made her think that people did not like her. Donna says she was unaware of how much she was loved. Kate had a lot of exams coming up, which made her quite worried. But her mother never knew that she could want to take her own life. She says that she is unable to find any reason why she would want to commit suicide. She says,” I miss her and will miss her forever.”

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