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A Woman Left To Die After Being Raped, Robbed And Assaulted By A Father-Daughter Duo

A father and a daughter were arrested and put behind bars this Friday. Charges against them were robbing, kidnapping, raping and assaulting a woman. They also left her outside an Air Force Base of Edwards. The suspects were namely Stanley Lawton, who is of 53 years, and his daughter Shaniya Poche Lawton. She is for 22 years.

The Legal Procedure

The father-daughter duo assaulted and kidnapped a woman of Los Vegas at gunpoint. After sexually exploiting her, they drove her across California State lines and held her against her will. As per the Sherrif Eduardo Hernandez, this duo was charged with alleged abduction. They had one count each of kidnapping and coming robbery. The Duo also had charges against forcible rape and attempted to murder. They also had three counts each of ATM robbery of first degree

As per the authorities, the duo knew the woman whom they kidnapped and held against her will. The incident of 30th October. Authorities, however, have no clue how the three people were connected or how they knew each other. The duo first kidnapped this woman and then drove her to Palmdale. They held her there inside a room for at least a week sexually assaulting her for hours. They later released her and left her to die without food or water.

The Investigation To A “Viscious Case”

The investigation of this “vicious case” started after the victim was discovered at an airbase. As per a press release by the authorities, the woman was in a pretty bad state and required immediate medical help. The Sherrif also mentioned that the woman is somewhat in her forties, and she is fortunate to survive after such a rough encounter. She was immediately rushed to a local hospital and received medical aid.

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The woman was discovered on Wednesday, and Stanely was immediately arrested. As per the authorities, the abduction and assault did not point to any type f revenge. The bail set for the duo is $1 million each. Stanley is scheduled to appear in court on Friday, whereas his daughter on 12 November. The suspects have serious charges against them, and they might also face federal prosecution since they allegedly drove a woman across state lines.

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