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UFC Star’s Daughter Brutally Beaten Kidnapper Arrested From An Anonymous Tip-Off.

A chase done by the Florida Police Authorities have now come to an end and got a hold of the running suspect Ibraheem Yazeed. He is arrested, having a connection with the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard.

The U.S Marshals got a tip-off from an anonymous source that the running slash alleged convict was spotted near Montgomery, Alabama The U.S. Marshals got a hold of the area. They covered it from all exits after receiving the tip. The 30-year-old Ibraheem Yazeed was then arrested after finally getting closed down in the field of Pine Forest and I-10 in Escambia County.

Who Is the Missing Girl ‘Aniah Blanchard’?

Aniah Blanchard is a student from Alabama. Aniah is the stepdaughter of UFC heavyweight star Walt Harris. She was reported missing by her family on October 24. Aniah was a part of the Southern Union State Community College. It was reported that she was last seen in Auburn, Alabam. Later on, the police found her damaged car at an apartment complex in Montgomery, just about 55 miles away. Her car wasn’t damaged before she went missing,” Federal Authorities stated.

He Had A Stoke Also After Getting Caught (*Nice Acting Though)

After getting caught, Yazeed was then taken to a local hospital. He was all complaining of chest pains he had been traumatized with. When Yazeed was being taken away by EMS, he began shouting at nearby cameraman of the media companies, and EMS shielded his face, which appeared to be somewhat swollen.

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Yazeed has been booked for the charges of first-degree kidnapping into the Escambia County Jail, where he will await a hearing (extradition). The girl has a reward of over $100,000 for just sightseeing of her glimpse. Yazeed has doesn’t have a clean history in the field of crime. Auburn Police Department stated he had some charged of attempting murder in the past, which can make a problem for him this time. The analysis of the car Aniah was not clean and had signs of resisting. The girl is still missing. No more details regarding the final jurisdiction statement have been released to the press yet.

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