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Two Bestfriends Overwhelmed With Head-To-Toe Ambush Makeovers, Appeared With A Stunning New Look At Age Of 47

Two buddies were led to believe they were finalists to appear on ‘Ambush Makeover’

Her best friend, Karen

Deanna Scharlemann, 61, from Tuscon, Arizona. Was begun to believe that she was a finalist to appear on the show’s popular ‘Ambush Makeover’ section. She was rushed to New York City to be reassembled with her long-distance pal Karen, who lives in Denver, Colorado. A widow who latterly lost her husband and mother was treated to ‘ambush makeover’ with her best friend of 47 years on Thursday.

The two women were shocked when contributor Donna Farizan bestowed at their hotel room door to tell that they were being whisked away to Studio 1A for some makeup with the show’s glam squad.

What else could make her happier?

It’s been a strangely tricky time for Deanna, whose husband and mother both expired this past year. Karen said that the past few years had been challenging for Deanna. Deanne had a lot of losses; she needed something to make it better, to cheer her up. Deanna replied to her that she couldn’t ask for a better friend as she leaned in to give Karen a big hug to thank her. Before meeting with celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and Today lifestyle contributor Jill Martin, she hugged Karen.

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Karen was the first to step on stage, donning a new charming hairstyle and a stylish outfit that was perfect for a night out in the Big Apple. ‘You look great. Look at the hair!’ gushed Andy Cohen, who was co-hosting the fourth hour of the show with Hoda Kotb.

Karen was stunned when she swung around to see herself in the mirror for the first time since her transformation. After looking at herself, she had to grab a tissue to dab her tears out of happiness. Her long gray hair was dyed brown and performed a healthy chop so that it fell a few inches under her shoulders.

Louis complemented her luscious looks as she has the most beautiful hair on the planet. Deanna and Karen both had enormous smiles on their faces when they eyed each other for the first time since their makeovers. Before Deanna could even watch at herself, they hastened over to each other to share a big hug. ‘Wow. I haven’t had my hair this short in forever,’ Deanna said when she saw her new look in the mirror. In the end, they were surprised with visits from their daughters, who were flown in to spend the rest of the week with them.

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