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SpiceJet Airline Apologizes For Cracked Window Which Came As A Shocker For The Passenger As A Result He Put Cello Tape To Cover It

The Mumbai-Delhi passenger flight has some shocking revelations. The passengers who were traveling on this flight shares some pictures of a cracked window pane. These pictures made the airline apologize terribly. These pictures were shared on Twitter, after which came the statement of apologies by SpiceJet.

The Statement Of Apologize

The pictures of a cracked window pane busted the goodwill of the airlines. Soon after the photos were shared, SpiceJet released a statement of apologies. The airline said, “Safety of the passengers is our priority. We never compromise on this at any point in time. This grave issue will surely be forwarded to the head for further investigation. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you”.

The passengers, however, were not satisfied with this apology. They confronted the airlines and said, “There is a cello tape on the windowpane, which means someone has seen it. Someone is aware of the situation”. The airlines, however, responded to this issue by saying that they have already forwarded this issue to the head. They asked the passengers to be sure that necessary actions will be taken against this.

The Severe Conditions

Any situation of this kind puts the life of their passengers in danger. If a windowpane is cracked and if it accidentally breaks while the plane is still on the air, then it can be severe. The air pressure inside the aircraft, which is compressed immediately, rushes out, which results in a considerable drop in the cabin pressure. As per the experts, if anybody is sitting beside the broken window, then the passenger could be sucked it the window breaks.

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The temperature and pressure within the plane immediately drop. This also makes the inside of the cabin quite noisy. According to the experts, passengers can fell breathing problems. This can be a very extreme condition for people with respiratory diseases. However, the passengers of SpiceJet flight SGB152 were fortunate that the windowpane was only cracked. If it was utterly broken, it could have led to severe damages both for the passengers and the plane equally.

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