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Rather Then Dying In Jail, Woman Choose Another Option, Took 2 MDMA Drug Capsules While Found Dead Due To Drug Overdose

What in the world is going on? A girl took two capsules of Ecstasy or popularly known as MDMA to prevent her arresting from the security and the cops present on the music festival ground.

Alexandra Ross King, a 19-year old girl, attended the FOMO Music Festival Alexandra with her friends. The infamous music festival is famous for its vast popularity among youths and takes place every year. This year the venue of the ‘Not-so-rocking this time’ festival was Parramatta in western Sydney, Australia.

What Happened In A Span Of Moments Could Have Been Prevented.

A total of 20 women loaded a bus full of booze and juice in plastic cups. All complete with capsules in their pocket, which they brought from a local drug dealer last night, reached the grounds after a 90-minute drive.

Alex skipped her meal. Instead, she took a quarter of a capsule with alcohol. After 30 minutes, she took another pill and washed it down with booze. And at about 12:30 p.m, she was spotted to make two more capsules and proceeded to the grounds of the festival.

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Her friends stated that, because she was full of anxiety about being caught by the police, she took the two capsules at once before entering the festival to get safe from all the hustle. State deputy coroner Harriet Grahame stated officially, “One of the young women on the bus told police that since drinks were so expensive in the festival, the group was full of all “requirements” in the bus and many of them, along with Alexandra, appeared to be intoxicated by the time they arrived.”

Her Phone Was Recovered From The Scene Which Told A lot About The Day.

New updates regarding the drug overdose case of the 19-year-old Alexandra Ross King have been surfaced. New text messages have been surmounted to the top by the police authorities. From being “totally f***ed up” to “my legs aren’t working anymore,” everything from the texts has been submitted in the reports.

The difficulties started to rise at about 3:30 p.m. Before that, she was consuming vodka and Red Bull. Her breathing gradually increased over a sudden pace, and her blood pressure went so low that the paramedic team, which was called by her friends, took her to a near medical facility. Her body temperature rose to 42 Degree Celcius and due to low blood pressure.

At around this time, she texted her friends to find her near a tree, and her legs weren’t working anymore, so she couldn’t walk. She was intubated and put on a ventilator. In a span of 10-minutes, she went into cardiac arrest, and it was out of hands for the medical staff to bring any good to her.

Alexandra was one of six young people to die after overdosing on drugs at music festivals all happening across New South Wales in the past 13 months. The presence of alcohol and other non-permitted intakes have taken a massive rise among the young blood.

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