Overly Protective Father/Rapper T.I. Accompanies Daughter To Gynecologist To Determine Her Virginity, Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Speaks Out

Is Rapper T.I an overly protective father to a new extreme? The judge on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow admitted that he goes with his daughter to her gynecologist appointments. He also reveals that he goes to the meetings to determine if she is still a virgin. The rapper stresses that the doctor tells him the status of his daughter’s hymen. So, his 18-year-old Deyjah Harris is joined by an objectifying father for her annual checkups.

The father seemed very pleased with the fact that his daughter is still a virgin. Deyjah Harris signed a file allowing the doctor to share this information with her father. This is due to doctor/patient confidentiality. The way the rapper described it, it seemed his daughter never really got a choice in the matter. Does he dictate his doctor to ensure she better not have anything she needs to hide from him?  Stay tuned to find out more about how the roots of sexual objectification have still preserved its roots.

The Podcast ‘Ladies like Us’

The rapper confirmed his daughter’s virginity while appearing as a guest on a (now deleted) episode of their podcast. The information was shared with Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham. The show is often regarded as a modern-day women’s perspective on various global issues. Rather than questioning his behavior, the hosts laughed along with the statements the rapper made.

The rapper even said that no man wants to waste his time trying to date a virgin. They suggested that maybe she will become more sought after as a virgin. He claimed that he didn’t care about hymens breaking in various ways that don’t involve sexual activity. He just wanted the results as fast as he could. Also, he told the doctor that she rides no horses or bikes or plays any sports.

Kailyn Lowry Speaking Out

The Teen Mom 2 star spoke out loud after rapper T.I. Revealed during a recent interview. She called it a form of humiliation, intimidation, and a lack of trust. She also tweeted that honest conversations about safe sex is a better tactic in this situation. A sex talk doesn’t make a child feel scared or traumatized by a parent’s judgment.