Netizens Going Crazy Over Viral Video Where Heroic Cat Jump Into Action, After Watching The Toddler Might fall Down The Staircase

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Recently, a video of a cat saving a baby from harm was posted online. All those who saw the footage were stunned by the events that happened.

What is Shown In The Video?

The video is footage from a security camera, and it showed a little child playing next to its crib. The toddler was not inside the crib but on the floor next to the crib. In the video, the cat can be seen lounging on the couch while observing the toddler.

It ended up being a good thing because just a couple of seconds later, the toddler started walking towards the stairs. Seeing the child in danger of falling down the staircase, the heroic cat leapt into action. The cat moved so fast and ran right in front of the toddler, preventing the toddler from moving any further.

The toddler could be seen attempting to walk further, but the cat repeatedly blocks the way. After some time, the toddler can be seen moving away from the stairs and back into the room. The cat then followed after the baby.

How Did Netizens React When They Saw This Video?

There were a lot of netizens who were amazed by the cat, but there were also others who were sceptical. These netizens did not believe that the cat understood that the child was in danger. They instead felt that the cat was being playful and unknowingly saved that child from danger.

A lot of the netizens were more concerned about how the parents could leave their child unsupervised. They thought that the parents were irresponsible to leave both a child and a pet unsupervised together in the room. To make matters worse, the door which led to the stairs was kept wide open, that was asking for trouble.

Although this video had a happy ending, it could have gone either way. The cat could have accidentally pushed the toddler down the stairs. So, it was a dangerous moment for that toddler, and the rage of the netizens is justified in that sense. However, despite all that, the kitty cat was still lorded as a hero. It didn’t matter if the cat had rescued the child knowingly or unknowingly, what mattered was that the child was saved.


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