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Gigi Hadid Lashes Out On Fans For Criticizing Her Street Style, Says ‘She Doesn’t Require Your Approval’

Gigi Hadid has always been a subject of buzz for her extraordinary fashion sense. It’s rare to hear someone criticize her for her style. Let’s find out what happened on twitter recently.

Snapped while running errands

Gigi Hadid made it quite clear that she dresses for herself and no one else. On Tuesday, the supermodel clapped back at some fans who criticized her for her street style. The criticism was mainly directed towards a paparazzi picture of her. It was clicked when Hadid was out running errands in New York City.

In the picture, Gigi Hadid was wearing black leggings, which she paired with white sneakers and a crew sweater. She wore a black puff jacket above the shirt. Her sneakers were one her Reebok collection.

Fans criticize Gigi

Inconsiderate of the fact that she was just out running errands, some fans made sure that their criticism reached Gigi. A user wrote in a now-deleted post that Gigi is such natural beauty, and he fails to understand what has happened to her street style.

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Another user then wrote in a since-deleted post that what happened to Gigi is Mimi. Mimi Cuttrell is Gigi Hadid’s stylist. The person made sure he hit two shots with one arrow.

Gigi’s response

It looks like this was the last straw for Gigi Hadid. She was quick to respond to all the hate comments and made sure that the haters know that their comments won’t influence her style.

Gigi wrote back on Twitter, “You guys need to calm the fuck down sometimes. It’s called stepping out to do one errand, not dressing for your approval.”

She seems to be very much done with all the petty comments. She further added that their petty complaining and unrealistic expectations for her to look sexy all the time wouldn’t change anything.

Gigi then went ahead and wrote about women empowerment. She wrote that she supports women who want to show skin and also those who don’t. It depends on their choice. Talking about herself, she tweeted that she shows skin when she feels like. Feeling sexy doesn’t mean showing skin. She feels sexy even when covered from head to toe.

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