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23-Year-Old Woman Bravely Died, Saving Her Neighbor’s Lives From Her Crazy Obsessive  Boyfriend In Front Of Police Officers

A woman bravely died, saving her neighbor’s lives on October 27. The 23-year-old Chanell Brown was a victim of domestic abuse from her boyfriend. And on that unfortunate night, things got heated, and amid rage, he shot Brown. 

California police say Chanell Brown, 23, picutred, was'executed' in front of officers by Earnest Easterling, 25, on October 27

 Chanell Brown Shot Dead In Front Of Police 

But before she died, she made sure that her neighbors were safely behind doors. All this because she knew that her boyfriend, Earnest Easterling, was unstable and had a gun. She warned them to lock their doors and stay inside in case he fires at them. 


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After Easterling shot Brown dead, he was killed by Sacramento County cops. In a video of the incident, we see what happened before the shooting. There is a car crash, and the two come out unscathed. He paces around the floor, and Chanell is sitting down. She then shouts at her neighbors to lock the doors. 

The Killer Is Her Boyfriend Earnest Easterling 

In the background, her boyfriend is shouting at her. He is threatening to blast Brown and accuses her of calling the cops. Easterling points his gun at Brown. And then we can see the 23-year-old victim raising her arms and walking towards the police. After she is out of sight of the camera, we hear a series of shots fired. Even though the officers are present, Easterling fires at her, ultimately killing her. 

Chanell Saved Her Neighbours’ Lives 

And because of this incident, Brown’s family is looking to raise awareness about domestic abuse. They spoke to the media in a conference fondling remembering Chanell Brown. Her mom spoke through her tears at the meet. She said, ‘My baby was the right person.

Earnest Easterling, pictured, was shot dead by Sacramento County cops

Everything about her was an angel; she helped you. She saved lives; the night she died while saved lives, she sacrificed her own life. That’s what happened. She sacrificed herself. 

Her sister also spoke about her brave sibling. Before her death, Chanell has gradually distanced herself from her family and friends. But they never thought their independent Chanell would meet such a tragic end so soon. 

Rest in Peace, Chanell Brown. You died, bravely. 

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