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Free Spirited Angelina Jolie Feels ‘Less Guarded’ Says, #MeeToo Wont Make Progress Without Action.

Angelina Jolie, in her recent interview for The Harper’s Bazaar, opened up about woman empowerment, freedom, and motherhood.

In the interview, she was asked whether Hollywood has made any progress since the #MeToo movement, to which Jolie candidly said that anybody knows, the usual starting point in any situation like this, is an independent inquiry by experts who can look into the facts and identify what legal changes and protections are needed so there is some measure of independent expert scrutiny and accountability, which hasn’t happened yet. She also says that if nobody ever rebelled, nothing would ever change.

She says that she feels less guarded since recently:

Although she poses nude beneath a veil for the photos accompanying the interview and doesn’t look like hiding from anything. However, she admitted that she has started to feel less guarded for some time now. Although, She says that the part of ourselves that is wild, free and curious, usually gets shut down by life.

She opens up about her personal life:

She says that not every woman can afford freedom or privileged to be treated the way she needs. Domestic violence against women has been a significant threat all over the world to date. In Jolie’s personal life, she admits that she is up against some particular limitations. She says that she would love to live abroad and will do so as soon as her children are 18. Right now, she says- “I have to base where their father chooses to live.”

Her advice to the readers:

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Jolie ends the interview with an exciting note. However, She asks everyone to start whenever and however, one can. She also advises people to be comfortable about themselves, does things that they have always wanted to, and hunt their curiosity. She urges her readers to find one’s originality and voice.

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