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After Seeing His Family Get Slaughtered A 13-Year-Old Boy Treks For 6 Hours To Gather Help

A boy of 13 years old went on foot to get help after watching his family slaughtered brutally. This was an incident of an ambush in Mexico. He walked for 6 hours on the streets of the dangerous countryside. He went out to get help for the survivors who were severely injured.

The Homicidal Incident

Three mothers wereThere were three mothers who were driving three separate SUVs. Their names were Christina Langford, Dawna Langford, and Rhonita Miller. They were traveling from LaMora, located in Sonora, Mexico. Devin Blake Langford was with his mother, Dawna, in her car. While they were going, their vehicle got suddenly tore up by raining bullets.

All three mothers were attacked and gunned. They were near the Arizona United states border when the incident happened. This was the case on Monday and was reported on Tuesday by Kendra Lee Miller. She turned to Facebook to share the vicious episode. As per the reports, Dawna, along with her two sons Trevor and Rogan, died on the spot.

The Cry For Help

Devin, who is just 13 years old, went out to get help. Being the second oldest in the family, he hid all of his siblings, whoever survived the tragedy. He covered them with bushes before setting out to get help. He walked 14 miles to get support back from LaMora. Devin had his siblings waiting for him while he bravely walked through the mountains to receive support. He got back to his family members after six hours.

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When he got back, he found McKenzie missing. She also went out to get help. After two hours of insane searching, McKenzie was finally found. David Langford, Devin’s father, came back from Tuscan, Arizona, after hearing about the incident. He arranged helicopters and took the survivors to the hospitals of the United States to receive medical help.

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