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Below Deck’s Abbi Murphy Over The Moon After Her ‘Boyfriend F**k Buddy Thing’ Proposes Her Via Text

Abbi Murphy from “Below Deck” just got engaged! In the latest episode of the show, Abbi broke the surprising news. And who is the lucky guy? In Abbi’s own words – her “boyfriend fuck, buddy thing.” 

Abbi Murphy Gets Engaged Over Text 

In the episode, Abbi is first seen having dinner in the crew mess. She is texting over the phone but suddenly stops. “Oh My God,” she says before telling others what just happened. Abbi finds Simone and Courtney and drops the bombshell. She is engaged! And apparently, she is happy enough not even to want a ring. 

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Describing the whole proposal, Abbi first tells them that they were just texting. Suddenly, her boyfriend-of-sorts says that he loves her over text. She responds back that she loves him too. And then he asks her if she would marry him. And what does Abbi say? Yes, of course. 

Her Fiancé Is Greek Captain Patrick 

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Talking about the decision in an interview, Abbi says she was stupid to have not been severe before. She thought that she and the Greek captain were having a casual hookup relationship. But, after the proposal, she realized that they have something special between them. And, she adds further that since “being around hot guys,” Abbi has realized something important. The Stew isn’t even attracted to anyone else other than Patrick. 

All Are Not Happy About The Engagement 

Explaining the decision, Abbi admits that the engagement may be out of the blue, but it feels right. Abbi says, “This whole engagement thing may be abrupt, but I get the gut feeling and just go with that choice.” But her friends have a different feeling altogether. Courtney says that she finds all this a bit sudden and suspicious. In her own words, “My eyes are rolling off the boat.” 

But nothing can faze Abbi’s happy mood. She even tells her boss Ashton that she is now an engaged woman. He asks her if she is pulling his leg. But Abbi reassures him she is indeed very serious. This news comes as a weird shock to him. Because just recently, the two got pretty intimate during a night out on the boat. 

Well, congratulation to Abbi and her Greek captain! 

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