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A Murderer’s Last Words Before Execution, “I Forgive You For Your Anger And Hatred Towards Me”

A murderer named Charles Rhines was executed on Monday. He was convicted of murdering a young man of 22 years old in a burglary. The name of the victim was Donovan Schaeffer. He used his victim’s last words to talk to his parents directly. He said that he forgave them “for their hatred and anger towards me”.

The victim’s parents, however, refused to focus on the murderer. They were instead focusing on their young boy whom they have treasured and lost. He had his last meal which comprises cantaloupe, fried chicken ice cream, coffee and root beer among many other things. He was then executed at 7:39 pm by lethal injection.

The Incident Of Burglary

Charles Rhines ambushed Donnivan Schaeffer during a doughnut burglary incident. The victim was 22 and Rhines was 63 years old. the situation so happened that Schaeffer gave him a surprise while he was busy burglarizing a doughnut shop. Schaeffer also worked in this shop. As per the prosecutors and investigators, all the pleas of Schaeffer was brushed off by Rhines.

The police detective of Rapid city, Steve Allender says that he was sentenced by the judge because of his “chilling laughter”. Allender who happens to be the City’s Mayor says that while Rhines was describing Schaeffer’s death he was laughing and his laughter ran chills in the spines of the entire courtroom.

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Allender mentions, “I watched the Jury as they listened to Charles Rhines’ confession. It was on an audiotape and their reaction after listening the tape was appropriate. Any himan being would be repulsed by what he said and how he said”. The parents f the victim did not want to discuss Rhine any longer after his execution.

A Mother’s Emotions

Peggy Schaeffer, the victim’s mother, after the execution appears before reporters. She holds an image of her two sons. This image includes Donnivan. The images initially were of them as children which then transformed into his graduation photo. She said, “We were so blessed to have this young man in our lives. Today we talk about this young man who loved his friends, family, and fiancé”.

When Peggy was asked about the final words of Rhines she said that she had forgiven him long ago. She had no grudges against him and she never hated him. She said if she had started hating she wouldn’t be who she was today.

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