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A Eager Couple Went To Hospital To Determine The Sex Of Their Infant, But Later Horror-Struck Hit Them Hard

Victoria Sylvestri had embarked on committing a filthy crime sex determination. She was barely eighteen weeks pregnant and was also eager to find out whether she was going to have a baby boy or a baby girl. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a rather gory incident. Instead, the event was fortunate to release this crime of sex determination being committed somewhere unnoticed, but it must have been a shock for the mother. Of course, this act is a jailable offense, but curiosity finds its way out, as it always does. She discovered that the about to be sex determined infant that the mother was conceiving had a disorder.

Sex Determination Costs The Couple

Victoria and her husband, Joseph instantly knew that something was fishy with their baby. The reason being, instead of telling them whether it was a boy or a girl, the technician rushed to find a doctor

“We were there to try to figure out if he was a boy or a girl and to measure all of his limbs and heart,” Victoria had reported to the media. “The ultrasound technician was doing her scan; everything was fine up until the point where she says, ‘Let me go grab the doctor.’” And that is when she knew something was wrong with their baby. This was when they knew one thing very well. They weren’t going to have a healthy child.

Child Diagnosed With a Rare Disorder

Gavin was barely about eighteen months when he was diagnosed with a disorder. This disorder is so rare that it is observed once in only 4000 cases. Their parents would never have imagined that their son Gavin would suffer such a fate. Gavin had to pass weeks at the hospital before he could be brought home safely and in a sustainable condition.

Amid Difficulties to Raise The Child, Parents Spread an Important Message

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Gavin surely has a hard time growing up. People always greet him with odds looks, hushed comments, and other demoralizing things. His parents seem to perfectly healthy in their will. They wish to spread this story and let everyone know of the situation the sick child was facing. He is born with a huge head.

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