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Woman Tries To Murder Her Boyfriend By Feeding Him A Spoonful Of Drain Cleaning Chemical But Ends Up Calling The Ambulance Herself When She Sees Him In Pain 

Lover spats are the reason for many deaths happening in the world. A jealous lover or a scorned woman can lead to murder out of rage. And that is what happened with a Utah woman and her live-in boyfriend. 

Elle Weissman Tried To Kill Her Boyfriend 

The authorities arrested 43-year-old Elle Weissman for allegedly trying to murder her lover. She chose to do so with the help of a drainpipe cleaner. When investigators asked her the reason, she said it was in hopes her boyfriend “would go into eternal sleep.” So, she confessed openly to the police of her intention of trying to kill him. 

She Fed Him A Spoon Of Drain Cleaner 

South Salt Lake City cops were investigating Weissman’s case. During the investigation, Weissman revealed her plans for the intended murder. She was planning to feed her 50-year-old boyfriend some poison by way of a drain cleaner. Weissman knew full well that it would kill her boyfriend, but she went ahead with the plan. 

And she also chose the perfect timing for the dose of poison. She fed him right when the 50-year-old man had taken his other pills and was dozing off. But after he swallowed the pipe cleaner, the man was wide awake. He woke up because of the excruciating pain he felt after taking the poison his girlfriend gave him. 

Weissman Called The Ambulance Herself 

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Seeing her ex-boyfriend suffer so severely, Weissman called up the emergency ambulance. After the news reached the police, they went to arrest the woman around 8:40 pm. But what is confusing is her decision to save him. “She took him to the hospital. That’s the weird thing,” said Gary Keller, the executive police officer, said. He further added, “They got a ride-share and went to an urgent care center.” 

Weissman is now facing multiple charges. She was charged with second-degree attempted murder. Also, she was accused of the surreptitious administering of a particular substance. Both are second-degree felonies, according to the law. Weissman is currently spending her time at the Salt Lake County Jail.  

Thankfully, the 50-year-old man is out of danger and in a stable condition now. 

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