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Man Arrested For Molesting A Woman Ends Up Confessing Two Brutal Killings Of A Man And Women In Mexico

Florida man, aged 39-years old named Omar Navis Torres has been charged for molesting a woman. Later he revealed that he has also killed a man and women in Mexico. This confession shocked every person and investigation is on.
The man has a case history of being a high grade narcotic and alcohol addict. And it is suspected that the man has also beaten the woman before molesting her as per the reports.

Due to some past references for physical dispute, police arrived at the location in Manatee County on October 30. And they encountered with Torres and the woman who was molested.

When the victim described the encounter, she told about the abuse. She confessed that Torres had thrown her on the bed. And was hitting her multiple times in her face.

The Woman Was Severely Injured By the Man, He Also Threatened Her.

According to the police reports, The man dominated the victim with fear. And also told her multiple times that if she takes help from the police, he would kill her. If she confesses to the police then Torres would come after her family, murder them and then take his own life.

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This affected the woman mentally and she did not get the courage to ask help from the police. But as after another aggressive encounter similar to the previous situation. She dialed 911 and called up the police. And confessed everything that has happened with her.

The woman reported that Torres was acting very impulsive and also punched her in the face. He punched her on the nose and it bled severely due to verbal argument between them.

What Steps Did The Law Enforcers Forced On The Molester?

The man is sentenced to serve at the Manatee County jail on October 31. He will be in custody on a $35,000 bond. More women should come forward and voice for their security. Incidents like these are to be stopped, and men like Torres should be barred for life. Women’s security is an integral part of any country and it must be held with strong hands.

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