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Late Night Party Gets Young Mum Killed After Having An “Altercation” With A Man

After a night out, a young mum was found dead on the street. The suspect, who was a man, was arrested for murdering this young woman. As per the detectives, the name of the woman is Levi Ogden, and she was of 26 years. Reports say that Ogden went unconscious “following an altercation” with a man. This was an incident of Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The Young Death

The 26-year mom was found dead on the road on November 4 at 2:16 am. The police cordoned the entire Silver Street of the town center for forensic examination. The bystanders sobbed the tragic death of the mom while the police took her with CPR and heart massage. Ogden was the mother of two children.

The police desperately tried to save her life and rushed her to the hospital. But shortly after her arrival, she was declared dead. All the desperate attempts became futile. Milo, her brother, turned to Facebook to pay his tributes.

He says, “You will be in my heart forever, my big sis. You had so much more to live, but it was taken away from you”. The little brother further adds, “You were always there for me watching over me. I will make you proud, Levi. In the loving memory of Levi Ogden, my beautiful sister”.

The Lovers Left Behind

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A page for raising money has also been set up. The page JustGiving is founded to arrange payment for the funeral, thereby helping her little kids. Local shopkeeper comments on the incident, saying, “I saw too many people on the street. Someone was there pressing on her chest because she could not breathe. There were more than 25 people. There was also a girl who was crying. Maybe she was with her”.

The police of West Yorkshire says, “detectives launch a murder investigation following the death of a young woman who was left unconscious after an altercation. The woman was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment but was declared dead shortly afterward”. An autopsy is still to be conducted, and a man of 26 years was arrested for the murder. He is still under custody.


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