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Robert Pattinson Is Putting His Blood, Sweat And Tears, Just Get In Batman Pants!

The role of Batman is a coveted one. Much like 007, actors make a beeline to put on the dark cape whenever there is a vacancy. In recent years, Christian Bale in Dark Knight shines out among all of them. But Ben Affleck had the latest grab at the iconic character with his reprisal of the role in Suicide Squad. 

But fans are not happy with Affleck as the protector of Gotham City. And so, the search for a new Batman began. While fans pitched many actors, ultimately the role went to a surprising actor. Robert Pattinson a.k.a. the heartthrob from the Twilight series is the next guy to don the legendary cape. 

Robert Pattinson Learning Martial Arts For Batman 

And while some are not so happy with the casting, others are applauding Pattinson for his dedication. Recently, Jiu-Jitsu trainer Rigan Machado uploaded a picture of the actor training with him. He captioned it, “Batman is coming.” The Brazilian trainer is known for making sure stars such as Ashton Kutcher and Vin Diesel are ready for their action roles. And so for Pattinson to enroll his help must mean he is pretty serious about getting in the work as Batman. 

He Is Also Reading The Comics 

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Batman is coming????

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Along with physical training, the actor is also learning about Batman the real way – comic books. In an interview recently, Pattinson revealed that he is reading the Batman comics. And he also seems surprised knowing that he will probably never get to finish it. “I didn’t realize there were so many Batman comics. Hundreds and thousands,” he said recently. But I’ve been reading a lot of those, and not just the kind of classics.”

Pattinson Will Adopt A “Piratey” Voice For Batman 

As for any other reparations for becoming the superhero, Pattinson has a surprising quirky addition. He said he would be voicing Batman in a “pirate” tone. Umm… we don’t know how that will sound exactly.  

What do you think? Are you onboard with Pattinson as Batman? Or do you think he won’t do the role justice? Leave your thoughts below! 

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