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Miss BumBum World 2019 Shows Yet Again Why She Has The Best Booty, In Her Latest Instagram Post

After winning Miss BumBum World 2019, Suzy Cortez once again shows off her sexy back on her Instagram.

What Did Suzy Cortez Post On Instagram?

In her latest Instagram post, Suzy Cortez posted a photo of herself posing near the pool. The Miss BumBum World 2019 winner was wearing tiny white short shorts. These tiny short shorts showed off her award-winning booty.

Along with this extremely short shorts, Suzy Cortez wore an off-shoulder t-shirt. Although calling it a t-shirt is a stretch, it would be more accurate to call it a crop top. The crop top t-shirt was also white. However, the focus of her photo was not her outfit but her booty.


The award-winning “BumBum” was undoubtedly stealing the spotlight in the photo. Everything else was just part of the background. Incidentally, the experience to her photo was some vivid green palms. This colour contrast emphasised her “BumBum” even more.

How Did Fans React To This New Post?

This was not the first time Suzy Cortez was showing off her booty on Instagram. If anything, this latest post is tamer compared to some of her other posts. However, her fans loved it all the same judging from the number of likes she’s gotten for the job.

It’s not even been a day since the photo was posted and it has already garnered over 16,000 likes. According to sources, this photo got more than 8000 likes just an hour after it was published.


Even the comments section of the post was filled with compliments. Everyone only had praise for Suzy Cortez’s new photo. One of her fans commented that Suzy Cortez was so beautiful. A lot of her fans also thought that she was a goddess and other similar comments. One fan claimed that Suzy Cortez’s body was made from God.

This photo came right after she posted a photo of herself from the Miss BumBum competition. This photo was even better received than her latest one. In the picture, Suzy Cortez is spreading her legs and crouching down, showing off her figure. She was sporting a bikini with Brazilian flag colours paired with boots that followed the same theme. She looks fabulous, and her fans all agree with that.


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