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16-Year-Old Girl Killed Herself After Betrayed By Child-help Agency Whom She Contacted For A Desire To Live.

A teenage girl from North Yorkshire killed herself. She felt very depressed after getting betrayal from the childline. She called them for advice to not kill herself, and they gave a better answer to kill herself.

Jesse Walker is a 16 years old girl from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. She contacted the counselling charity service via live chat from her room in North Yorkshire. She said to them that she has some self-destructive thoughts these days. The childline operator nothing knows about her. They only knew that she is a teenage girl named Jesse.

After cutting the call Childline operator concerned about her. So, he contacted the National Crime Agency; they traced the Ip address of her computer.

Why Did The Girl Kill Herself?

North Yorkshire police officer PC James Dunn showed at her home in the early morning at 1.30 am. Her mother was shocked after seeing the police and told him that her daughter is asleep in her room. James asked about her daughter’s welfare and left her home after finding there is no danger to her. 

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Moreover, the childline sent James a transcript of the conversation with the teenager. They also shared it with a mental health doctor whom the teenager used to visit. Police also said that Mrs Walker is aware of her daughter being on the internet this evening. He went to her home for her immediate safety, and she also seemed fine that evening after calling childline.

In the morning, she knew that the Childline shared her details and secrets with the police officers from her mother. ” She felt betrayed. She felt furious after the police showed at our home. Her confidence was breached out” her mother said at the court. 

After the teenager said that she was tired and didn’t want to go to college, so she stayed at home watching tv and after she headed to her room. While Mrs Heather went out for a friend and came back but Jesse said to be in her place by her stepdad Simon. Later they both went to cheer her up with chocolates and found her hanging outside her apartment.

How Did The Childline React To It?

However, her parents tried hard to save her with CPR and paramedics, but she is dead on that evening. Heather told in the court that no one told her that Jesse is a suicide risk. Everyone said that she is a beautiful soul. Childline operators who spoke with her shown concern for her and said they would work better in the future.

An NSPCC spokesperson said “This is sad and our thoughts are with her family. But we can’t comment on individual cases”.

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