Author Of Children’s Books Shares The Birth Of His Newborn Rainbow Baby, After The Terrible Loss Of Twins

Arnold Henry and his wife, Stephanie, from early on in their relationship, knew they wanted to be parents. They planned to add more children to their family even before their first son, Amarion, was born in 2014. To see their dream of having more than one child realized, the couple “had to overcome a storm”. The father, the author of children’s books, shared his family’s story after their rainbow baby, Ajay in October 2019. Stay tuned to find out the details of this rainbow child after the devastating loss their family faced.

Loss of Twins

Early in April 2016, at a routine ultrasound check, the technician said ‘there are no heartbeats’. That was the most devastating day in the lives of Arnold and Stephanie. Stephanie was 10 weeks pregnant and had been expecting identical twins. She was miscarrying both the kids. The couple was not given a reason for their loss as it was early in the pregnancy. The couple returned sadly, beginning the grieving process, to their then-17-month-old son.

They never got a chance to say even ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ to their babies. Amarion used to point at Stephanie’s belly and say ‘baby’ until it faded out of his memory. His parents felt like they made a promise to him that we unintentionally broke. A poem about the loss on Facebook was shared by Henry and Stephanie found support in the comments. People reached out by sharing words of encouragement and prayers. Despite doctors telling them they were both healthy, the couple struggled to conceive for the next several years.

Finally, it’s a Good News

After years of grieving and hoping for a positive pregnancy test, Stephanie came to Arnold’s office in January 2019. She whispered to her husband in absolute excitement. He turned around in response to the same. She stood there beside him for a few seconds, without saying anything. She had in her hands one of the many pregnancy tests that she took over the last several years. Her husband assumed that it was probably one of many negative test results that he has gotten used to hearing. However, to his surprise, they were both pregnant with their rainbow baby ‘Ajay’.