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A Man Who Was Convicted For Shooting Utah Student, Now Pleads Guilty For Killing Another Man

Austin Boutain, who already been convicted for shooting a university student to death, is now pleading guilty for the end of a Colorado man. He has been sentenced to life in prison.

Austin Boutain Sentenced To Lifetime In Prison

Back in September, Austin Boutain, who is 26-years-old, pleaded guilty for one count of first-degree murder, one count of aggravated robbery, and four counts of violent crimes. He asked guiltily for the death of 63-year-old Mitchell Ingle. On October 31, 2017, Mitchell Ingle’s body was found inside Boutain RV in the Clear Creek RV Park. It was found shortly after Bout5ain, and his wife spoke to investigators in Salt Lake City following an hours-long search.

The couple admitted to shooting and killing a student from China, Chen Wei Guo. They said that they shot him in an attempt to steal his car in the Utah foothills. They are driven to Utah in Ingle’s stolen vehicle, ultimately linking them to the crime and leading to the discovery of Ingle’s body.
Although, Earlier this year, Boutain was extradited to Colorado. Kathleen Boutain, his wife for her role in Ingle’s death, has been charged with 20 counts. Moreover, She is being held in the Jefferson County Jail. Kathleen is now slated to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 14. Although, The First Judicial District said that Austin Jeffery Boutain has returned to Colorado on Wednesday and is now being held at Jefferson County jail. He is expected to appear in court in the next few days.

Mitchell Ingle

Although, “He was taken from us unexpectedly and will forever be in our memories,” Ingle’s family said in a statement back in 2017. Mitchell Ingle’s family says that he was a loving father, husband, brother, grandfather, and friend. Moreover, they said he always enjoyed skiing, boating, camping, and four-wheeling. They continued that they will be missing his contagious laugh, humor, and easygoing personality.

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However, His family, in a statement, wrote that he was taken from them unexpectedly and will forever be in their memories. They would like to thank everybody for their gifts, prayers, and thoughts. They asked the time to grieve and process his loss and requested privacy during this difficult time.


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