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One Direction’s Niall Horan Finally Addreses His Rumors With Selena Gomez And Calls Them…

Niall Horan finally shut all the dating rumours with the Disney star Selena Gomez. But the pair started visiting each other’s homes and meeting at parties. Is he hiding something?

Where Did It All Began?

Selena had a good relationship with One Direction band. In an interview when she was asked about the favourite in the 1D group, she said: ” I like everyone, but Zayn is too cute”. It seems like Selena had a crush with Zayn. But now she is all over the Irish boy in the band.

Firstly they met in 2012  at the Kids Choice Awards. Sources reported that the Irish singer had the first talk with Gomez saying ” You’re looking beautiful”. Of course, she is always beautiful.

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Anyhow, then she is in a close relationship with Justin Bieber. After her break with Bieber, she again met Horan through Taylor Swift. Because then Swift and Horan’s friend Harry Styles used to date. Rumours started spreading about their relationship when she is found chatting with Niall in her private Facebook account.

At iheartradio in 2014, she first spoke about him. ” I think Niall is the cutest and funniest man from my friend’s club”. She named it a friendship. Although the pair caught at Jenna Dewan’s birthday party dancing and kissing each other. Witnesses said ” They were cosy. The pair also helped in packing gifts”. 

Well, she again moved back with Bieber and ended with him entirely in 2016. After months Justin married Hailey Baldwin which may make Selena think about the 26-year-old singer. 

How Did The Pair React To It?

The rumours again started when one of their friends posted pictures of their reunion. Where the couple was seen closely where he also wrapped arms around her. After many accumulations, he finally spoke about the dating thing with Sirius XM. ” were are friends. We have the same friends group. So, we hang out more” he expressed. ” That picture was ever taken got posted. We are good friends.


When he was asked about collaboration with her, he said: ” No collaboration yet. She’s been making some music. We’re just out for dinner”. But the pair sending different signals in social media. Before week she shouted  ” Nice to meet you” song on Instagram. Later he posted a picture where he is posing with Selen’s big picture saying ” Hey there, Sel”.

Later this week she also was seen carrying fruit salad and a bag full of groceries to Niall’s home. Their fans are rooting for the pair.


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