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One Direction Singer Harry Styles Bought Himself An Stalker By His Kindness Who Scared Him In His Own Home

Harry Styles, 25, is threatened by a homeless guy and complained about him at court. After stalking Harry for two months, he finally revealed the reason for stalking. 

When Was It All Started?

Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, 26 stalked the one-directional singer from outside Harry’s house. He started following him while he was jogging and partying at clubs and also used to drop money through his letterbox. It all started when he funded Tarazara sleeping on a rainy day at the bus stop. So, being a cold night, he offered him some money for a hotel. From then, Styles observed him walking up and down by his residence. After returning from home at night, he watched him sleep him outside the bus at his home. Being a kind person, he felt terrible for him. 

Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, 26, staked out Harry’s house, ambushed him, pushed notes through his letterbox and followed him to the pub

The 25-year-old singer also visited him at the bus stop in the rain at 2 am. He offered him the money he hadn’t accepted for religious reasons. So, he told the patrolling officer to look after him. Thus, the next morning, he bought vegan food for him in his car, lowered his window, and passed the food. ” He asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant with him. I denied it. I find it weird,”. He added.

Harry Styles  Found Insecure In His Own Home.

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“His facial expressions of a smirk. I realized something not normal,” he said at the court. He followed him at pubs. He wound enter pubs after him, which made him uncomfortable. He watched him until Harry leaves. ” I could feel him watching me. Even I upgraded my security at North London ” Panic lock,” said the feeling of fear and anxiety. He even employed a night guard and to lock his bedroom. He also posted € 50 in cash.

Harry Styles told the court of his hell, after which his stalker was found guilty

After a few days, two notes containing Tarazaga-Orero bank details arrived for begging. One said, ” you can put money here. Send the money you offered last night”. Others said,” I will take the money. It’s my only option”. “The moment I felt terrified in my own home,” he recalled the moment. The next day at running, Orero stopped him and repeatedly asked for money. Singer’s neighbor Rafal told about the conversation.

Did The Stalker Confess  At Court?

Although, He said that he had a vision of living with Harry in Ireland. He admitted to court, “At rainy day, someone approached me and threw a bunch of money and said, let’s go to a hotel and have fun.”  He told the court, ”  He wants to buy me. I didn’t stalk him. I was scared of him”. District judge Nigel Dean declined the stalker’s words. ” I find styles is reliable. Mr.styles felt sorry for the young man living without a home in winter. So he offered money. ” He praised styles for showing great character. ” I find suggesting the hotel is for the man to stay at a comfortable place on a cold night.” ” I will help him. But I don’t want him stalking me anymore,” Harry said to the judge.

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