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Nina Dobrev Finally Reveals What Actually Happened Between Her And Paul Wesley During Vampire Dairies

The Vampire Diaries may have wrapped up in 2017 but the show continues to make the news. The CW show was a hit after its premiere in 2009 and made stars out of three central cast members. This included the love-triangle trio Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley. Ian and Nina had their share of headlines and drama. Both started dating during the filming and the ‘Delena’ fans dream came true. 

Paul Wesley Visits Nina Dobrev 

But only for a brief though. The two broke up when the show was wrapping up. And Ian went on to marry another cinematic vampire hottie – Nikki Reed. Nina is also doing well on her won. She has a new CBS show Fam where she plays the role of Clem. Her ex-costar Paul Wesley even visited her on the set to show his support. Aww, Stelena fans, where you at? 

A Bad Start For The Two 

Speaking of which, there was a rumor about the both of them doing the rounds during the last season. And no, it wasn’t a romantic linkup. It was related to how both the stars didn’t like each other at all at first. Yes, turns out on-screen lovers Wesley and Dobrev disliked each other when they first met. 

This admission from the actors drove the media into a frenzy. And Nina wasn’t happy about it. Recently, Nina talked about it on Barstool Sport’s Chicks in the Office podcast. She said that the headlines about the issue made her feel like Brangelina. Furthermore, she added how the media had blown the whole matter out of proportion. 

But They Didn’t Hate Each Other! 

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According to Ms. Dobrev, it wasn’t that she and Paul straight out hated each other. It was just that they didn’t click instantly. And that is quite normal obviously. We don’t like ALL the people we meet every day. Thankfully, both the stars became quite close after filming for the show.  

Nina said that they even became “best friends” and like a “family” on set. With all the long shooting hours, they bonded over time. And now, it looks like they still keep in touch even after some years. We support this cute friendship! 

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