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Prosecutor Scoffs At Mel Murda’s Letter Asking For Leniency, Instead Recommends 14 Years In Prison Over Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Assault

Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones, who sanctioned an assault against Tekashi 6ix9ine, will not be shown any mercy when he’s sentenced. He was charged with running the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and was allegedly called “The Godfather” of the gang.

The Godfather pleads for leniency

Just last week, Jones had written a letter to Judge Paul Engelmayer asking for mercy for the sake of his two children. He confessed to falling back into the gang in 2005 after he was released from prison. He had eventually signed with Diplomat records. However, he was still in contact with NYC’s gang culture. The fast lifestyle of the music business kept Jones “in contact with elements of New York City’s gang culture.” However, federal prosecutors derided at his message, pleading for compassion, insisting that he needed another chance to turn a new leaf.

Lead prosecutor Geoffrey S. Berman said that Jones’ claims of wanting to renew his life “rings hollow.” He was provided with an opportunity to leave the gang world but had instead rejected the choice to embrace Nine Trey.

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Jones was one of the 12 men arrested in a RICO case over drug dealings and violent acts perpetrated on behalf of Tekashi. He pleaded guilty to the charges of racketeering conspiracy, narcotics trafficking, and firearms use in April 2019. Last month, Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, became the prosecution’s star witness in convicting other gang members. Among whom Aljermiah Mack, aka “Nuke” and Anthony Ellison, aka “Harv.” were the prominent members. Hernandez revealed details regarding the inner workings of the gang and the war over his lucrative rap career.

Jones captured by undercover cops

Kristian Cruz, a cooperating witness for the state and a Nine Trey gang member named Mel Murda as the Godfather of the gang as well. Cruz claimed that he was a “Five- Star General” in the group who dealt drugs with Jones. The men allegedly made $500,000 together from selling fentanyl and heroin. He was arrested when he sold a few pounds of the drugs to an undercover cop. He later aided in capturing Jones as well, by executing a controlled delivery of two kilograms of heroin. Federal officers claim that Jones continued to run the gang even after his arrest and sanctioned the assault against Tekashi.

Prosecutor Berman pointed out how Jones failed to redeem himself hence warranting a severe sentence later this month. He is advising Judge Engelmayer to sentence Jones to 14 years in prison. The federal officers are also instructing him to hand over $20,000 he made from two drug deals.

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