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Florida Man Stabs His Best Friend To Death, Says He Kills People During His Sleep-Walk

A man in Florida has reportedly stabbed his best friend to death. However, there were no motives behind the homicide. Moreover, the youth did not have a history of violence.  Instead, the murderer has said that he committed the act under the sleep-walking influence. But the court and victim’s family refused to believe his pleas. Ultimately he has been given life imprisonment for his crimes.

The friendship between the victim and her murderer

Brooke Preston and her sister had been as close as siblings to Randy Herman. In 2017, the three even shared an apartment in West Palm Beach in Florida for six months. On March 24 in 2017 the pair had also shared farewell drinks. Preston was supposed to be going away to New York the next day. Since her sister Jordan had gone to Colorado to visit her boyfriend, she could not join the two. However, at some point in the night, her sister had texted her about a very drunk Herman. In the text, she had described that Herman had been found naked in his wardrobe.

The fateful manslaughter

Preston had decided to spend the night away from their West Palm Beach home. Therefore Herman had asked her to visit him the next morning before leaving for NY. Since Herman had wanted to give her a shirt, Preston knocked at his door on March 25 morning. Unfortunately, that act was the spell of doom for her. Herman had been partially asleep when he opened the door. He then proceeded to stab her over a dozen times. When he finally gained consciousness, Preston was lying dead at his feet. Subsequently, he called 911 for help while messaging his mother that he had loved Brooke.

Pieces of evidence in the case

Herman was arrested for the murder of his best friend. During the arrest, the officers noticed the nail marks on Herman’s chest and blood on his clothes. Moreover, they saw the 20 stab wounds to the victim’s neck and back. The weapon of offence a hunting knife was discovered nearby. The court also took into accounts the text messages victim had decided to send her friend the night before. In the messages, she explained that Herman was overtly drunk and making her uncomfortable. Hence she had stayed away from their house that night.

Court’s judgement

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On interrogation, Herman had told that he remembered giving the t-shirt to Preston that morning. However, he did not remember stabbing due to his bouts of sleepwalking. Moreover, psychologist Dr Charles Patrick Ewing too supported Herman family’s testimony of their son’s sleep-walking history. However, the court chose to rule against the culprit as it believed that sleepwalking does not cause stabbing. Finally, Herman was given life in imprisonment sentence on May 9, 2019.

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