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Hard Rock Hotel In New Orleans Collapses Trapping Worker, While His Friends And Family Camp Out All Night Waiting For His Rescue 

In New Orleans, a construction site disaster has taken two lives. Dozens of people were also injured and are currently in the hospital. But one man is still trapped somewhere in the building that collapsed. And his family are still outside the building right now, waiting for him. 

Anthony Magrette Trapped Inside 

This man is 49-year-old Anthony Magrette. According to his wife, he had a day off but was called in that day to work. Described as a loving and hardworking man, his family wants everyone to know who is trapped in the site. Magrette has four children and several grandchildren. In his wife’s own words, “He loves his family, he’s hilarious, always caring,” she said. “He’s a hard worker and loves his job.” 

Currently, the search has been put off for the time being. This is because of safety concerns that the building can still crumble. But this won’t stop Anthony Magrette’s family and friends. They are camping out all night till he is rescued. Several well-wishers have sent them food and drinks as a token of their solidarity. 

18 Hurt, 1 Dead And Another Missing 

About the collapse, it happened about 9:12 a.m. on Saturday. Out of nowhere, the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed and took down the construction workers. Around 18 people were hurt, and three were initially reported to be missing. However, the latest reports have come in and disputed the claim. Of the three, one is in hospital under care while another is already dead. The third missing person is Anthony Magrette. 

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Due to the incident, the roads around the area have been closed off. Also, authorities have asked everyone nearby Canal and North Rampart to evacuate for safety. This is because the Hard Rock building could very well still fall. 

Roads Blocked And Nearby Buildings Evacuated 

New Orleans Fire Department Superintendent Tim McConnell talked to the media about this. He said of Hard Rock Hotel, “It is still very unstable further adding, “This will be a marathon.” He also compared the severity of the rescue operation to that of earthquake consequences. Thankfully, everyone rescued is out of the danger zone health-wise. But there is still the matter of Anthony Magrette. Services for his rescue are said to commence on Sunday morning. 

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