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13-Year-Old Boy Went Missing Overnight Repeatedly Third Time, And Later Lands Up In A Car Park

In Brentwood, Essex, a thirteen-year-old boy, has been reported to be missing. His family last saw him in Hutton, Brentwood. That was on Saturday afternoon at around 2:15 p.m. But the teenager Harry Bushell hasn’t returned home since then. And his mother is wild with worry over her missing son. According to mother Cara Pearce, this is the first time the boy has gone missing overnight. 

Teen Harry Bushell Went Missing  

She reported the matter to the local police, and they are looking for him. Essex Police started investigations and found information about the case fast. They began distributing notifications about the young man. He is a white blond boy wearing shorts with a Gucci tee and red shoes. And soon, news about the boy’s sightings started coming in.  

Found At Car Park Next Morning 

It turns out; he was last seen in the early morning on Sunday. Bushell was allegedly in the multi-story car park in Coltfold Road, Brentwood. Two witnesses – both young boys – saw the 13-year-old around 7 a.m., they reported to the police. And finally, with this information, the teen has been found! The Essex Police just confirmed he had been brought back home. 

However, they haven’t given any further information as to how or where Bushell got lost. According to his mom, this isn’t the first time the teenager has gone missing. This seems to be a regular occurrence recently. In only the past three weeks, the boy went missing three times already. But that was only for a few hours. This Saturday was the first disappearance that lasted a whole night. 

Brentwood Lost-And-Found Cases 

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Brentwood seems to have a lot of lost-and-found cases this year. Just last week, a 3-year-old was returned to his mother after a long while. Donovan Hood was last seen in his aunt Brittney Sawyer’s care. After that, the boy suddenly went missing. The police issued an Endangered Person Advisory for Donovan last week on Sunday at 4:30 a.m.  

And just three hours later at 6:15 a.m., Donovan was found with aunt Sawyer at Brentwood. Moreover, another Nashville man with Alzheimer’s was found safe in Brentwood a day before on Saturday. The 81-year-old was missing since Friday and has now been reunited with his family. 

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