Tragic Death Hit And Run Headlined In Dallas Where 12-Year-Old Pronounced Dead After Taking To Hospital

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In Dallas, we heard two hits and ran incidents in July. After that, the police told the public that there would be no incidents like this again. Still, on Friday, 12-year-old became another victim for Hit and Run. Died on the spot 

This Is A Murder Or a Normal Hit and run 

Police hadn’t revealed any information about the drivers nor the boy. But the people who have witnessed the accident said that it is a proper hit and run. Po lice are still finding clues in the CCTV footage. According to the police, the incident happened at the intersection of Westmoreland road and near Gannon lane. The boy was founded to witnesses near West and Gannon lane roads in the redbird neighborhood. The incident took place on Friday at approximately 8.40 p.m. The 12-year-old boy hit by a car and left him on the way without stopping the vehicle. Around 9.00 p.m. Some people on the road saw the boy and called 911. Doctors reacted quickly and taken him to the hospital. But doctors said he died after losing a considerable amount of blood and severe injuries in his brain.

Police arrived at the incident area and after investing the place and police got the clues. Police told the media that the boy hit by a car, which is driven by a man along with women. The pair got shocked after they hit the boy. So, they got out of the vehicle to make sure he is okay.

But after they looked around and they ran away. The police investigated for the pair. Sources said that they continued searching for them at every police stop up to 10 p.m. But police still hadn’t found any close about the couple. CBN News reported that police didn’t want to give any information about murders, but they are Participating Actively in search of the criminals.

Similar Incidents In Dallas

Dallas is a huge place for people and crime. Before four months 12-year-old boy named Ricky Tave is murdered in the hands of Jastasia King. Reports told that the boy is taking donations from the public suddenly got struck by her car. She didn’t stop and run away. The boy was pronounced dead after taking to hospital.


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