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Teenager Commits Suicide Because Of Racial Torment, Names Her Bullies In Her Suicide Note, But Family Decides To Let Them Go

A 16-year-old girl who committed suicide gave names to her bullies in her suicide note.

Suicide because of racial torment

Mia O’Neill, aged 16, committed suicide after sustaining terrible racial agony and discrimination from her peers. In an interview, her grandfather said that his heart is breaking, and there is a knot in his stomach because of his granddaughter’s untimely death.

Mia was the first among all the children in her family. The bullies were recognized from her parting note. However, her family has decided not to go after them. They instead want to start a foundation in her name.

Foundation to help teenagers

Mia O’Neill’s family wants to set up a foundation in her name instead of going after her bullies. They aim to help teenagers like their deceased daughter through the foundation.
They expect to give a supportive environment to helpless teens in their native place, Newport, Co Tipperary.

The O’Neill family has set up the One Life Trust. The name of the trust reflects a tattoo that Mia had. They have identified a building in Newport and hope to provide a safe space for teenagers. They aim to help children between the ages of 12 and 18.

Grandfather’s reaction on the loss

Mia’s grandfather Willie O’Neill is moved by what happened with Mia. He says that his heart is breaking, and there is a knot in his stomach. He further added that it was very tough to talk about Mia in the past tense. “It tears my heart, and I hate having to go the graveyard to attend her. She was unique.”

Willie informed that Mia, who had mental health problems since she was 12, wanted to become a makeup artist. Mia O’Neill’s grandfather further talked about her goodness and her feelings towards the needy.

He said that he once saw Mia sitting and talking to a homeless guy when he went to collect her from John’s Square. Mia advised him that everyone has issues, and that is why she sat among them. Fighting back the tears, Willie said that Mia knew all of them by their names, and goodness was in her nature.

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