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Kendra Wilkinson Gives A Confirmation ‘Gesture’ In Public. Walks Hand-In-Hand With Her New BF Donald DJ

Well, if you’ve been waiting for this confirmation, here’s it. Kendra Wilkinson and Donald DJ Friese have publicly admitted their relationship. No, I don’t mean a public statement. But little gestures speak louder than words. Don’t they? They walked hand in hand out of the Tao restaurant in Hollywood this Thursday.

Romantic date night and Kendra’s beam

Now that you know, Kendra and Donald are together. Here’s something to make it firmer for you. And of course, make your day. So, the top model Kendra and billionaire Donald were spotted exiting the Tao Restaurant. We can’t certainly rule out the possibility of a ‘romantic date.’

While the billionaire kept a hand around Kendra’s waist, she seemed to be gleaming. The Playboy magazine model flaunted a pair of dark leather pants alongside a white silk blouse. Moreover, she held a sling in her right hand as she strolled with her boyfriend. The C.R. Laurence CEO put up a casual look with a pair of jeans and a grey sweatshirt.

Kendra’s heartbreaking divorce

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Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson’s split up occurred in April 2018. Since then, their children Hank Baskett IV and Alijah Mary Baskett, were the only ones in their priority lists. However, seven months down the divorce lane, dating rumors of Kendra and Donald emerged. Kendra was hell-bent on making her fans believe that she had given up ‘dating’ for a while. So much so that the Kendra on Top star updated a story on her Instagram. “I have no time or energy to date, anyone,” her post read. “I’m focusing on my kids and myself,” she further wrote. Her married life survived for nine years.

Have you been dating for a while?

YES! They have been dating for a while now. A couple of months. Kendra and Friese have been friends for a very long time, though. A source told E! News they reconnected after Donald’s split up with Donna D’Errico.

The insider also claimed they’ve decided to keep the dating a little low-key. Among the insider’s assertions, one stated that the couple has made a pact to remain “friends” if things go sideways. However, the source has also said nothing’s serious between them as of now. Umm…okay! Right now, we can live with that.

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