Johnny Depp Scores A Victory In Court, Amber Heard Can No Longer Sway The Jury Against Him

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Johnny Depp has scored a tiny yet significant victory in court. His ex-wife, Amber Heard, and his drug-use are off-limits in the upcoming trial. The judge from Los Angeles sided with him and granted his motion. As a result, any testimony or evidence related to his ex-wife or drug-use is prohibited in the trials.

This is all about a former manager accusing him of assault on the film set for “City of Lies.” Johnny Depp has claimed self-defense and denied the allegations made by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks. The trial is now scheduled to happen on October 1st, 2019. Fortunately, what he didn’t want to be mentioned will not be said in front of the jury. Stay tuned to find out more details about how it will affect the upcoming trial.

Improperly Swaying the Jury

It seems like Johnny Depp didn’t want the jury to be improperly swayed. He didn’t want the assault charge to be mixed with the ongoing divorce case. It seems like if the two mixed up, the press would make him a villain. He doesn’t want to be showcased in a bad light. He only wants the relevant topics to be discussed in court because he is already going through a lot.

On the other hand, the former manager from the set is hell-bent on the fact that these charges are interlinked. He wants to highlight the behavioral pattern and ideologies of Johnny Depp through his past mistakes. He doesn’t like those allegations are being denied; all he needs is justice.


The Actual Selfie Obtained

Gregg Rocky Brooks says that Johnny Depp assaulted him on the set of the film. He says that he was punched twice. Moreover, his ribs were ruptured as well. However, Johnny says that this wasn’t the case. Rocky was arguing with an elderly on the set. He was disrespectful.

Moreover, Johnny tried to intervene and reason him out. They then hugged it out and squashed the beef. After that, the two even clicked a selfie together. Johnny was telling the truth. This is because the copy of the actual photo has been obtained.

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