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Insensitive Texas Man Throws Out a Box Of Little Crying Puppies In Dustbin, Arrested For Animal Cruelty

In a shocking case of inhuman behavior, a Texas man was arrested for animal cruelty. When the puppies were found in the dumpster, detectives rescued them. Further, they issued a public plea to capture the culprit. Hence by the cooperation of the public, the man was discovered from CCTV footage. He has been booked with a $1500 bond at El Paso County Sheriff’s office.

Puppies discovered in a dumpster

On October 7, people heard the sounds of puppies crying from a dumpster in Socorro, Texas. The El Paso County Sheriff’s office immediately took action for the helpless animals. Subsequently, the litter of six pups was shifted to El Paso Animal Services for care. While the puppies recovered, the sheriff’s deputies issued a public call for help. With the help of surveillance footage from a nearby shop, an image of the culprit was obtained. Further, it was circulated to the public for identifying. Moreover, the Sheriff’s office gave out helpline numbers (915-832-4408) to the public for information.

Culprit captured 

Since the surveillance from October 2 showed the culprit’s car, he was quickly found. Moreover, the inspection showed him removing a box with the pups from a dark-colored Hyundai. The location of the dumpster was 690 block of Horizon Blvd. Due to the man’s residence being in that area, detectives could arrest him quickly. So 54-year-old Alejandro Hernandez was sent to Detention Facility of El Paso County. Also, he had to pay a bond amount of $1500 to the County.

Not the only case of animal cruelty

Meanwhile, another litter of three pups was found abandoned in the Socorro area dumpster on Monday. Also, in September, a dead body of a skinned dog was discovered from a dumpster in El Paso. Due to the dog being dumped outside Sally Beauty’s Supply store, a witness saw the culprit. Although no surveillance footage was available, the witness provided a sketch of the culprit from memory. The criminal will face charges of illegal dumping.

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