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Harry Styles Finally Comes Out Of The Closet As Bisexual Through His New Song, Lights Up

Twitter thinks that Harry Styles has finally come out as bisexual through his new single, “Lights Up.”

New song after months of waiting

Harry Styles finally had some mercy for his fans. After months of restless waiting, Harry finally blessed his fans with a new single, “Lights Up.”  While all his supporters were asleep, Harry pulled a Beyonce and dropped this new single at midnight. The song is an absolute masterpiece. Apart from this, fans of the ex-1D member think that he used his song to come out as bisexual officially. It’s a lot to process, and all his fans are freaking out.

Reasons behind the conjecture

There is indeed a lot of speculation around every move a celeb makes. Likewise, this assumption of Harry coming out as bisexual could be untrue as well.

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The real reason why fans think so is that Harry released his song on National Coming Out Day. What further adds to their suspicion is that Harry is seen dancing with both men and women in the music video. And the lyrics say, “I’m not ever going back” and “Do you know who you are?” What else are the fans supposed to think about this?

Harry’s comments on his sexuality

Harry Styles has never actually made a formal statement about his sexuality or preference. But he previously said that he doesn’t feel the need to define his sexuality or put a label on it. Although he prefers staying quiet about himself, he has always explicitly supported the LGBTQ+ community. During his last tour, Harry waved the pride, bi, trans, and the Black Lives Matter flags at all of his concerts. Such a power move!

Regarding the same, Harry said in an interview that he made a move because he wanted to make everyone feel included and represented at his shows. He further added that he understands what a lot of them go through. He doesn’t go through the same things as they do, but he wishes to make them feel comfortable, included, and seen. Besides all the conjecture about his sexuality, Lights Up is an absolute delight to listen to. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a new single!

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