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Girl Who Went Missing In Derbyshire Has Been Found Safe After A Frantic Search By The Police

A 13-year-old girl vanished in Peak District yesterday, and the police were searching for her.

Girl found safe and well

Layla Mann was last seen yesterday in Fernilee, Derbyshire. A frantic search for the teenager had been launched. She was last seen wearing grey leggings and a hooded top, black trainers and a coat. The girl has been described as around 5ft 8ins tall with dark hair. She has a small tattoo on her wrist, which reads CM.

The Derbyshire Constabulary said they were searching for a girl who has gone missing from High Peak. Police said that the girl had been found safe and well. A Derbyshire Police spokesperson said that “Layla Mann has been found safe and well after one of our Facebook followers saw her and got in touch.” The spokesperson thanked everyone who shared their appeal.


Why the first 72 hours after a person goes missing is essential?

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The first 72 hours after a person goes missing is considered to be the most crucial time. Each passing hour decreases the possibility of finding the subject. As time goes on, there are lesser clues to follow. The integrity of the evidence reduces. The first 48 hours are more critical, as this is when the investigators have a better chance of following up on leads. Witnesses’ memories start to fade after the 48 hours are up. This is because people usually see something, which might lead to finding the subject quicker.

After the first 72 hours, generating awareness and leads tend to slow down.
Another factor to consider is that the victim might be in grave danger. Or they might be transported to some other place. Even though kidnappings are very, very rare, children are murdered quickly. This can be within the first three hours or the early two days.

For other missing persons, after a point of time, the investigation switches from trying to find the person alive to trying to find a dead body. After a week or two, the potential of the person being unconscious has to be considered. The organization has to be located to bring in closure for the family. The investigators are required to understand if it’s a suicide, homicide or accidental death.

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