Expensive Motion-Sensors Integrated Doorbells Placed For Greater Protection Got Stolen Itself Within 10 Seconds By Burglars

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A doorbell company called Ring is getting very popular these days. The amazon owned firm specializes in smart-doorbells that have motion-sensors integrated. This makes them recognize any disturbance outside the front door. It then sends a notification to the owner via its app. The homeowner can then see the video footage of his front door. 

Moreover, there is even a microphone embedded in the doorbell. You can communicate with the guests outside your home with this feature. This smart doorbell was specially designed to detect burglars. However, in an ironic turn of events, the doorbells themselves are now being stolen. 

Burglars Now Stealing Doorbells 

Recently, 37-year-old Jenny Barton was checking her doorbell app. She had turned off the notifications and was checking it after a week. And the last footage captured shocked her. In that security clip, she saw a man wearing a balaclava. He came close to the doorbell and unhooked it from the front door.  

It all happened in a brief flash of six seconds. And this isn’t the only incident related to this particular burglar. According to Scotland Yard, six other homeowners in the same area have also reported that their Ring doorbells have been stolen. The authorities are still investigating this series of thefts although no arrest has been made yet. 

The Ring Doorbells Are Expensive 

But why do they steal the Ring doorbells? It is because of their hefty price tag. These smart motion-censor enabled bells are different from the rest. And so is their cost. The device’s cost ranges from £89 and £449. After stealing them, the doorbells end up on the black market where they go to new owners. 

Stolen Doorbells Replaced – Guarantee 

But according to Ring, their doorbells are useless if stolen. In a statement, the company said, “In the event, a Ring doorbell is stolen, the device becomes immediately unusable to a new owner.” They also added that their doorbells have special security screws. This should make them hard to remove or steal – apparently not. 

The company also has a guarantee where they replace stolen doorbells for free. Mrs. Barton will be making use of this claim, for sure. 

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