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Disney Employee Reportedly Molest 10-Year-Old Girl On-Board A Disney Cruise Ship

Disney Land experiences have always been the stuff of dream for kids all over the world. So it was a massive shock for a 10-year-old when he got sexually harassed while on such a trip. The pedophile employee of Disney has now been fired. Further, he is in Miami jail since April. The trial for this case is going to start on October 28.

The scene of the incident

Disney’s Cruise Ship claims to offer a ‘one of a kind’ Disney experience with cruise entertainment. Perhaps being touched inappropriately has become a part of that. Due to the horrifying experience, this might be the thoughts in the victim’s head. The incident took place on April 28, aboard the Disney Cruise Line ship. The ten-year-old child was firstly molested during a game planned in Youth Lab of the boat.

Further, during another game, the molester sat beside the child again with intentions of touching. However, since the child was terrified, he covered himself with his hands. But that did not stop the culprit who continued the molestation.

Arrest and Trial

Oliver Lovatt of Orlando worked as the ‘Youth Entertainment Host’ on the cruise ship. The 25-year-old was captured on surveillance footage trying to molest the minor. Hence the faces felony charges of assaulting a child. However, upon arrest, Lovatt has pleaded not guilty of fondling the kid during the blindfold game. He is currently behind bars at Miami-Dade jail and has no chance of bail-bond. Also, his trial for the case will be held on October 28.

Disney’s reaction to the reports

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Since Disney’s employee did the heinous crime, Miami Herald reporters demanded a statement. After firing the culprit, Disney has said that they have a ‘zero-tolerance policy’ to such criminal activities. Also, spokeswoman Kim Prunty mentioned that they had informed law enforcement and removed the employee permanently. Furthermore, spokeswoman for Miami-Dade State Attorney urged the public to help them in the detection of crimes against minors. In short, all authorities have condemned this behavior vehemently.

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