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Demi Lovato Shows Sorrow For Friend’s Death friend, Meanwhile Ask Her Followers To Not Take Addiction Path

Demi Lovato urges her followers through Instagram stories not to take addiction as a joke and asks them to reach out to help when they think they need the most.

Demi Lovato Instagram Stories

The singer, Demi Lovato, is currently mourning the death of her best friend Thomas, who struggled with addiction before his death. On Wednesday, Demi Lovato revealed through her Instagram stories that her close friend Thomas has passed away on the night of Tuesday. She said that the cause of his death is an addiction to drugs.

On her first Instagram story, she shared a picture of Thomas and asked her followers to hold their loved ones tight and tell them they are unique. The 27-year-old wrote, “Devastated. Please hold your loved ones tight. Tell them they are special and that you love them. Make sure they know it. RIP to my boo @sirtruss (heart emojis).”

In the second story, she shared another photo of Thomas and urged her followers to not to take addiction as a joke. She pleads them to take help from their loved loves if they think they needed the most. Demi says she clearly understands that the key to treating addiction is seeking help from the special ones. So, she urges them to let the loved ones know about their condition, and their love will entertain you. Demi stated that addiction is NO joke, and Heaven gained that beautiful angel last night. She added that he died of that terrible disease, “I’m crushed. I will always miss you, @sirtruss. If you or someone you know is struggling, please know it’s okay to ask for help.”

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Demi Lovato Shows Sorrow For Friend’s Death friend, Meanwhile Ask Her Followers To Not Take Addiction Path

Demi Lovato’s Fatal Overdose Last Year

Demi Lovato was once admitted to a hospital last year due to a fatal drug overdose. This happened just before her birthday in 2018. She underwent extensive rehab treatment. Demi has stayed away from drugs since then, and she is entirely sober for a year now. The 27-year-old singer recently rumored to be dating the reality star, Mike Johnson. Demi Lovato was spotted going for a couple of dates with him after getting in touch through online.

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