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Deadly Typhoon They Was Saw After 1958 In Japan, Left 50 Injured And 1 Dead

Japan typhoon is breaking records as the highest typhoon ever to face.  It started its destruction from Saturday. Where it came closer to the coast of central Japan and then it sweeping all through Tokyo and eastern area in the country.  The government suspended all the transport services, networks, and communication services in all the space.

What about weather conditions?

The weather here in Japan is put in the range. The typhoon named Hagibis. According to sources, it was a deadly typhoon they saw after 1958.

Currently, the weather movement is35kph, with a wind sped of162kph. Record-breaking is going to be expected in the Tokyo region with1,000 millimeters of rain. 600mm in Kanto-kosher region through midnight on Saturday. Around 3 p.m on Saturday, the typhoon will travel speed of 30km per hour to northeast, 130kmto southwest with a pressure of 216 Kph. Agency warned the Tokai region and Koshein as the wind could knock out some houses.

Any One Dead In The Typhoon.

As per records, this typhoon is similar to the storm that came in 1958, which killed 1200 people. The government said that the tornado destroyed a house in Ichihara city. Five people were severely injured. Six people were injured in another country. According to Chiba typhoon turning the roofs over the homes where three kids and three people hurt are taken to hospitals.

A man found dead in his overturned car in Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo. Police said that the vehicle must be flung to another side by the powerful storms on Saturday morning.  Reports say that man, 40 years is taken to hospital but pronounced dead. 

How Is Transportation Working

Japan authorities said that they canceled 543 flights across the country.  From Haneda and Narita airport. Nippon canceled 569 flights from all airports. Transportation got suspended after 2 p.m. shinkansen bullet trains were also stopped from Saturday morning. In early six, some passengers traveled between Osaka and Nagoya but were canceled after. Ministry planning for incoming flights in two airports with supported staff. Haneda airports said that they were stocking food and blankets for 17,500 people in need.

How Is Government Responding To It

The government is actively participating in this operation. They are posting posts with a phone number to call them if they needed help. Around 1,400 phone lines are not working around islands, but the fixed 900 lines had no net services. The government said that users could log in”0000JAPAN” where the network is working to access the free Internet. Seventeen thousand self-defenses forces were involved in the security of people.


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